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turn. >> it is time to take out the boots and gloves. frigid conditions are making a comeback. for more, let's check in with tom. >> it is all coming in quick succession. temperatures in the 50's to 60 this time last night. now 29 at bwi. the winds have been gusting all day. tempatures feeling like the upper teens. look at that snow coming across the ohio valley. that will come to baltimore for friday morning. officials are on alert. kai reed joins us live. is the city ready for this? >> the are trying to get ready. they have issued a cold blue and weather alert starting tomorrow through saturday morning.
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they did that every time the temperature goes below 23 for an extended period of time. we found a lot of people seeking shelter tonight. at the temperatures started to drop thursday night, more people seeking shelter from the cold dropped into this housing and resource center downtown. the center already holds 275 but take an additional 60 when it gets really cold, and offering a warm meal and bed. >> may see people who may not have utility services. >> when the city declares a code blue alert, the center dispatches outreach workers to go out and find people who need help. 13 other emergency shelters in the city will extend hours and increase their capacity. the university of maryland medical center has experienced a small number of cold weather
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related illnesses so far this cold season. but the doctor warns it does not take long for cold weather exposure to lead to a possibly dangerous situation. >> if the body is cold, metabolism slows down. they can get confused and sometimes it can cause heart related disturbances. >> he says it can take as few as 20 minutes to experience the initial signs of frostbite. the early warning signs of hypothermia are confusion, shivering, and numbness and tingling in fingers and toes. drinking lots of fluids could help ward off hypothermia. how you can find a list of all those emergency shelters on our web site, click on weather. those of emergency shelters can get very busy during the code low alert. if you can call in number to make sure there is available
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space, 410-433-8145. >> last night's torrential rain lead to major flooding in parts of maryland. it left closed roasts and prompted evacuations in laurel. >> much improved in laurel tonight. at one. -- one point, the mayor was afraid he may have to act with up to 3000 people. fortunately tonight, that threat is gone. the patuxent river is still pretty rapid but officials say it is receding. it breached its banks earlier thursday after the commission opened flood gates. the rain fall on wednesday night was too much for the system but by nightfall thursday, the
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amount of water flowing from the dams was reduced. >> they have started to shut down the water. what was happening before when the gates opened is there was so much what to being released. we are so low here in this section of the city. there is no where for the water to go. >> the threat of widespread flooding forced the city to call for voluntary evacuations from low-lying homes and businesses. streets all over laurel were closed. a dozen residents took temporary shelter at the community center but most residents are used to this threat. >> normally is not as cold. this is usually a barbeque event. everybody right now is like this is too cold. >> life back tomorrow -- back to normal by 7:00. but a commuter lot is still flooded. this woman the is a the end of an apartment above a business around by knee-deep water.
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she is a ghost go into work -- this woman lives in an apartment above a business surrounded by knee deep water. she is not going to work. >> we are live at the howard county. >> if frosty friday it is planned for tomorrow. the intensity is heating up a dent in new orleans as superbowl sunday its crestar -- it gets closer. >> attention will soon turn to what happens on the field. live team coverage continues tonight with gerry sandusy and mindy.
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looks like it is fairly nice out there now. >> oh yeah, the weather is a lot better. >> it is a little chilly but it is very comfortable. it does not matter the temperature. >> i agree. the weather is an interesting barometer for the way the weekend has gone. the beginning of this week, there was all the attention on ray lewis and allegations. now the winds have shifted to the forty-niners and chris culiver who made some anti gay comment. he said his comments or reflection of the dots of the day his head but not how he feels -- of the thoughts in his head but not how he feels. >> in little-used anonymous back
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up and rookie quarterback for the 49ers found himself and -- at the center of the media crush on thursday. >> would you welcome a homosexual? homosexual >> the onslaught, a result of this interview. >> what about gay guys? >> i've not did that. they do not have any gay people on the team, they have to get up out of here if they do. i said it in a joking matter. i am not trying to bring in the distractions to the team. >> he seemed unprepared to handle. >> being a homosexual, i think that is just your sexual preference. that does not mean you are a bad person. i do not really judge people. being in the locker room, outside the locker room, we are
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all humans. >> he said again and again, hating on homosexuals is not in his heart so i guess we will consider this lesson learned. no doubt they got under the team's skin a bit. >> thank you. the only up side of the end of the situation for the forty- niners, the players are done talking until at a considerable after the superbowl. >> beyonce was in the house. she will perform the halftime show. reporters are clamoring to get a glimpse of her today. >> it is estimated more than 110
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million people will watch the super bowl halftime show starring beyonce, despite the fact that she admitted to lip- synching during the inauguration, she told reporters her performance this time around will be live. >> singing the national anthem] >> reporters attended her news conference thursday got quite a treat. our own private countered as she sang the national anthem her-- private conference as she sang the national anthem. then it was time to get down to business. everyone asked about lip- synching in d.c. and she assured everyone they would get a live performance. >> i will absolutely be singing live. i will rehearse. this is what i was born to do.
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>> beyonce has hosted some hint as to what the performance will be on the web site. she said it was important for her to perform as she and your family are from the area. >> when i drove up, i got chills because i saw the superdome. there is so much history there. my family is from louisiana. it makes me emotional to have a halftime performance. i think of all my heroes. >> there was also a question of whether her husband would make an appearance. >> i cannot give you any details. i am sorry. >> beyonce now joins an esteemed list of super bowl performers including madonna, the who, and u-2. >> you know she will be off the
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hook. the pre game show will be great, too. jennifer hudson will be joined by 26 children from sandy hook elementary. >> this town knows how to strike an emotional chord. the last time new orleans hosted the superbowl, it was the first sense 9/11. -- first since 9/11. >> thanks to gerry and mindy. our team coverage of super bowl xlvii continues on our web site, you can read previews of the match up and look at slide shows. >> details on how you can be on nbc's today show tomorrow morning. >> feeling superstitious this weekend, the incredible way one's family is going to assure
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it ravens win.
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>> legislators in annapolis have a need for speed. there is a bipartisan support to raise the speed limits to 70. triple a and mid atlantic has not taken a position on the measure. maryland state police opposed raising the speed lead -- the speed limit in the 1990's. >> if you saw the movie "silver playbook," you
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know robert deniro plays a superstitious character. that led to an interesting family. >> meet this howard county family of four with some serious game day rituals. >> it starts with a rigid game time positions. mom is with her lap top here. the son is on the cows. the doctor must be here. -- the daughtert must be here. >> is anyone allowed to wash with the? >> no. >> even have a rule about the toilet. >> you have to hold it. >> these are the game day jersey's. >> i will wear rice at each
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game and i wash my clothes. >> all of this began with a 11- year-old ryan. >> he found this winning streak when he eighth -- he ate certain roll.s >> things have progressed from rolls to donuts. i thought i would help. >> how did i did? >> no. no. are in the order. >> this is all wrong? >> all wrong. >> don't judge them. don't we all have superstitions. isn't it ? it >> if somebody were to veer off this course --
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>> we would be responsible for them if they lost. >> good luck. >> that is a heavy responsibility. you can be part of a big purple friday rally tomorrow morning with natalie morales, the today show, at the inner harbor amphitheater. live on national tv from 5:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m.. gonna the lot of fun. live coverage begins tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m.. >> now your 11 insta weather plus forecast. >> they may be out there cheering on the ravens in snow. this morning, it was rain. 3-6 inches. from harford county to damascus,
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over 6 inches of rain. causing the patuxent river to plug -- to flood. a gust of 53 in cumberland. bwi, a gust of 48 mph. after the rain and the wind, now it is the cold. temperatures have been steadily falling. last night, temperatures were in the 60's. current temperature is 29. teens at oakland. with the wind, have built one of of zero in garrett county -- it feels like one above zero in
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garrett county. snow showers into charleston, west virginia. that the pressure cuts across the middle atlantic tomorrow during the friday morning rush hour. likely to produce light snow. it will be going pretty quickly. it will not linger into the afternoon. more gusty winds tomorrow afternoon. it is a quick mover. just west of baltimore. 5:00 in the morning. then off the eastern shore by about 10:30 or so. it will not have a lot of time to put down some snow but it will probably accumulate. a accumulate. total snowfall, most areas in the light blue, a dusting to an inch. 2 inches in some spots near the eastern shore.
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the critical thing will be timing. night.for lows to clearing and when the in the afternoon tomorrow. gusts to 40 mph tomorrow afternoon when the storm the parts. western maryland, if you are going there for the weekend for skiing, look out for the cold. 13 for the high tomorrow. a few inches of snow. eastern shore, a little snow in the morning tomorrow and maybe again saturday night and superbowl sunday morning. partly cloudy on saturday. 7 day forecast -- temperatures below normal for the weekend. monday, a dry day. more snow showers could arrive next tuesday. >> jimmy fallon predicts who will win the super bowl using the puppy predictor.
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>> there you go. go for it. any one. there you go. he went back. you can do it. take it. uh oh. the ravens! >> that's right, the ravens are gonna win. look, it looks like it will be a shut out from the looks of it. >> now you understand the meaning of the phrase every dog has his day. if joe flacco plays like a big dog on sunday, he will have quite an unpaid day.
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>> the jackpot has at an estimated annuity of $550,000. 35, 30, 27, 22, 43, 41. if no one match is the numbers, the multi matched jackpot is $650,000. next drawing is monday night at 11:22.
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>> now, 11 sports. >> interesting intersection of attention here in new orleans. fans have fled into the city today. they are ready to party. from now on, it is of football for the players.
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today they finished their media obligations. what it turned out for the press conference for joe flacco. not quite as they as beyonce's but you would have thought it was the state of the union address. he is in a good state emotionally and sued financially. he is a free agent at the end of this season. the ravens will not let him get away. flacco turned down a multi-year offer in the range of $100 million. a win will make him and the league's quarterback. you canmake a case he already is an elite quarterback. >> it is simple. we cannot agree on a number. i did not really care to discuss it any further. the bottom line is i am not a guy going up into their office
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is negotiating with them every day anyway. it was never a concern of mine. it is a good problem to have. >> the superbowl is not just the last game of any given nfl season, it is a legacy game for coaches as our players. the outcome of the game lasts for ever. for john harbaugh, he knows there will be an outcome that decides which of these brothers goes down as a super bowl winner. john harbaugh at his press conference turned his attention to the late ravens team owner art modell. inductees will be announced saturday night into the hall of fame. harbaugh hopes art modell joins the list of names. >> the nfl would not be the same. isn't that the measurement? by any measurement, it would not
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be the same or as good as it is right now. i would hope people find it in their hearts to do the right thing and put art modell into the hall of fame. there is no question he belongs there and will be there. >> we will fnid out. the outcome of the vote on saturday evening. the joint press conference for john and jim harbaugh, the first brother's to coach against each other in a super bowl. and maybe the last, who knows. john joked the two brothers will show up at a press conference wearing each other's coaching our office. probably will not happen but he admitted, he thought he could fool a couple of media members. no confusing the added pressure brought on by brothers coaching against each other. the players on both the ravens and the forty-niners know they
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want to disappoint his head coach with the loss to his brother. >> in the sibling rivalry is big. -- any sibling rivalry is big. it is bragging rights for the rest of your life. >> we do not have to worry about the weather forecast. indoor game. the weather in baltimore, still changing.
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>> we want you to show up in a harbor tomorrow if you can for the today show. >> maybe some snow mixed in as well. >> a way to kick off your friday. >> could even be some gusty winds. more flurries and snow showers over the super bowl weekend. and then again next tuesday. february 1. >> and the last purple friday for the season. might as well celebrate at the harbor. . [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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